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Welcome to Diction Hub
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Composers or Poets

You can use the search function at the top right-hand side of every page to go straight to the composer, poet, poem title or opening line of a song. If you are not completely sure of the title of the song or poem just follow the links to our Composers or Poets pages and scroll through the alphabetical listings! If you are unsure of the composer or poet of what you're looking for then scroll through the Song Title, Poem Title or First Line of Poem and scroll to your heart's content. Blue hyperlinks will take you to the composer or other information you are looking for. Should you come across a red link this means that the entry has not yet been created. You can visit our Wishlist page and insert the piece you are looking for or contact other contributors through the Diction Hub Forum.


As we continue to build content on the Diction Hub you will find three categories of resources regarding vocal music:


  • This site will display original texts, as they have been set to music with translations of these texts into various languages.
  • Many original texts can be found at : The Art Song, Lieder and Choral Texts Archives.
  • Original texts are often still under copyright, and thus cannot be added here without permission. Do not post copyrighted texts!!!


  • Many translations are copyrighted, so check the status of your sources Do not post copyrighted translations on Diction Hub!!!
  • Copyrighted texts and translations used without permission will be removed from Diction Hub by administrators.


  • After original text have been added they will be transcribed into International Phonetic Alphabet symbols.
  • To create these symbols as a contributor we suggest utilizing the : IPA Typekit.
  • Learn more about IPA symbols by visiting our introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet page.


  • Links will be added from digital libraries including the : International Music Score Library Project.
  • Check the copyright status of your scores and do not post scores that are still under copyright without permission.


  • Videos and audio will be embedded of pronunciation guides to texts or performances of the musical work under study.